TO DO LIST (to be adjusted as ideas pop into our heads):
– Finish raking up the black mulch from the front landscaped beds (mostly done)
– Remove all of the landscaping paper (mostly done)
– Find out if my Jeep is “Jeepy” enough to pull up the huge boulders….yeah, we’re going to need some help with this one.
– Wood chip the shrubbery pile into natural mulch for our new plants
– Paint our boring brown rocks to be “happy”! 🙂
– Plant some cash crops for reinvestment capital.  🙂
– Save up enough money to apparently buy an underground bomb shelter complex/resort.  LOL!  Kevin’s been looking at ideas.  lol

– Every day:  Took lots of pictures and behaved ridiculously with countless shenanigans and hilarity!
– Done! Plant the seedlings
– Done! Plant the corn, potatoes, onions, garlic, melons, squashes, beans, peas, etc.  🙂
– Done! Use the tiller to till up the area in the front and ready it for our berry bushes (mostly done!)
– Done! Sell our fifth car
– Done!  Plant our new berry bushes!
– Done!  Assemble the wood chipper
– Done!  Assemble the outdoor compost bin
– Done!  Place the beehives where said fifth car is sitting
– Done!  Find a way to dig out the roots of the shrubberies so they don’t grow back (without hurting the soil for our edibles!)
– Done!  Find out about these “permits” we need for bees, goats, and chickens. hmmmmm.
– Done!  Find time to put away the Christmas Tree (It’s become a St Patty’s tree at this point)
– Day 010:  Ready my basement kitchen so I can access the fourth freezer because our other 3 are full!
– Day 006:  Create a barrier to keep the dogs out of the raspberries until they are thorny enough to deter said dogs. grrrrrr.
– Day 006: Purchase a ridiculous and ginormous gardening hat!
– Day 005:  Finish studying for my certification exam in case I don’t become rich farming and “Thriving.” 🙂
– Day 003:  Forgot I was Irish and got my first annual sunburn!  Kevin got one, too!  lol
– Day 002:  “Built” 2 beehives
– Day 002:  Planted an apple orchard
– Day 001:  Found the “tree-cutter-downer”
– Day 001:  Cut down all shrubberies and trees against the front of the house
– Day 001:  Realized what “gardening gloves” are for. 🙂
– Day 001:  Bought a woodchipper
– Day 001:  Bought 2 compost bins (1 indoor and 1 outdoor)
– Day 001:  Relocated all boring brown “decorative” landscaping rocks
– Day 001:  Took down the Christmas wreath from the front door