2016-07 – Catch-up Post for July 2016

Brandi Cox So much has happened since I began moving my old WordPress page over. That’s not fun at all, by the way! Between everything else it’s taken me months to finish fixing all of the links, images, etc. Blarg. But, now it’s done so I can finally post an updated post or 2 before the New Year really gets going. πŸ™‚ A few other big things happened that caused delays in the posts, you’ll read about those as they come up. πŸ™‚

We left off right as we were heading out of town for vacation. We also had an exciting July 4th, as the teen setting off the fireworks in a friend’s yard ended up setting one up that tipped over and shot fireworks directly into the crowd. We had to leave right away…one exploded at my feet right as I ducked down…towards my feet…from a flying rocket. So, after having a explosive ordinance explode in my face I was in no shape to stay any longer for the rest of the party. That took a few days of recovery.

Coincidentally, July 5th was the last day of real rain until 11/28. More to come on that tidbit later, in November, when the full impact of that teensy tiny fact is felt.

Right before we headed out, to go on our amazing vacation, we pickled the last remaining cucumbers so they wouldn’t spoil while we were gone.

IMG 20160707 194826

We had a magnificent vacation at the cabin!

As is the custom, our regularly scheduled “walkthrough” of the Farm the moment we returned. We also checked on the bees immediately after these photos and before even going upstairs. We learned, the hard way, that the bees didn’t like this. We each had a few stings due to our careless enthusiasm without enough smoke. No photos of us getting stung, unfortunatly. I hear that I did a great boogie-woogie as I quickly made my way indoors. lol!

Unfortunately, I hadn’t learned the meaning of the term “moderation” as well as I have now. The day after we returned from vacation, I spent 10 hours in the full sun in over 100 degree temperature trying to “catch up” on the weeds and mulching the front herb garden. That very evening, I had the absolute “joy” of visiting our lovely emergency establishment to have them pump me full of saline so I didn’t die. Heat stroke. It’s a thing. :'( Heat is bad, mmmkay.

Some more stuff that we did in July…albeit MUCH more slowly than normal since I couldn’t function in even moderate heat for more than a few minutes at a time. That lasted for a few months. :'(

Kevin began prepping the overgrown, spent garden for a 2nd round of crops.

By month’s end we noticed we had to water more than normal since so many plants were starting to show signs of suffering. That’s odd. Hmmm. Ok. We’ll set the timers to water twice a day.