Day 014

Brandi Cox Second day of class. Still not much new info. Maybe I’m just weird since I have actually read up on this stuff before for years. Anyway…

Ok, so, back to farming…I MAY have overdone it.   (What? Brandi overdo something?  NAAAAAAAAHHHHH!)   Psst….you may need to wipe off the sarcasm that just oozed from your screen there…you missed a spot, yep, right there, you got it. Lol!

I bought over a dozen farming books, thousands of seeds, oodles of prestarted plantlings and shrubberies, received a dozen farming mags from Lela, etc. I’ve skimmed one book so far. Ugh! 

I’m a nerd!  I need software!  I want to simply put in my zone, frost dates, measurements, house facing direction…and it simply tells me (you know, Lady Black Thumb): “put this here”, “put those there”, “keep those away from everything else”, “plant these together”, “start these indoors now and transplant later”, “plant these “direct sow” in May”, “you’ll need supports for these”, “bad for bees”, “attracts bees and pollinators”, etc.

Farmers almanac has the closest software to what I need, I just need help getting it all set up.  LOL!

And yes, I know most of it will be killed by my black thumb the first year, but that’s why I need a starter plan…to reduce the “black thumb disease”.  Lol!

So, I’m sucking it up and asking for help. Blarg. Leah, Lela, Jennifer.  Save me from myself!  LOL!  I have HUGE plans, limited time and resources, even less energy and knowledge. But I’m going to be a farmer…somehow…if it kills me.  Lol!

Day 013

Brandi Cox First day of training class. Primarily learned that they start you off expecting you to have absolutely no common sense. Hopefully tomorrow will be more promising. 🙂

Amazon dropped off a bunch of farming books, more coming tomorrow, on top of the stack of seven on the end table. 

Instead, spent my evening snuggling on the couch warming my freezing cold & blue toes and fingers on the Munch-kids watching tv. Brain melted.  Lol!

Tomorrow is a new day!  🙂