Day 052 – Prom

[avatar] Ugh.  It was all I could do to get Munchie off to prom.  It’s a great thing that Munchkin’s parents picked him up.  There was no way I could keep my meds down long enough to get him there and back.  We had to race to get him different shoes this morning, pick up the flowers, get his hair cut to look like Neal Caffrey and I chopped off most of mine, too…and that’s all I could manage on what little time the meds gave me.  He’s pretty darn amazing, my kid.  I did GOOD!  🙂

Day 051

[avatar] Office day and free lunch at Wasabi.  It was delicious!  Picked up Munchie’s tux and flowers for prom.  Yikes this stuff is pricey!  Tomorrow is his BIG day!  🙂

Migraine from the storms kicking my behind, but I’m surviving on Treximet and Zofran.  lol

Now Kevin is seeing my chiropractor.  It’s a great place and no matter how much I whine they are actually helping.  It’s just really slow since my body is fighting to get back to “normal” (i.e. NOT good posture, not aligned, etc).

Talked to my best friend about working with me.  Hopefully she likes it and wants to join the team!  🙂

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