Day 050

Brandi Cox Rode with Jim today on appointments out in Morristown.  Did great business!  Talked to him about why I was so apprehensive to be in a car with him.  He understood and made sure I was ok all day.  🙂  It’s pretty awesome to be around people who treat people the way they should be treated.  All in all another great day!  I was able to get home in time to get Munchie off to the tux place before they closed so he’s all set there.  🙂

I missed the chiropractor’s office today, too busy with Prom-prep.  Starting to feel a migraine coming on.  This will be fun.  yay.

Day 049

Brandi Cox I made Speed SNA!  It’s the first time ever that anyone in our office has gotten the achievement.  And all by just helping people.  Gotta love it!  Had a great day with Cheryl and got the message that I got Speed SNA while we were out and about.   We also get free lunch from the office manager!  🙂   Freaking out a little about tomorrow and riding with Jim.  Didn’t realize why until late tonight.  Serious trigger.  I’ll talk to him about it in the morning.

The city dropped by to mark the utilities finally, so we can finalize our farm plan.  We actually don’t have to change anything so my initial draft stands.  🙂

Brain shots at the chiropractor again today.  You’d think the chick who HATES needles would stop going to get FOUR shots every day, but no, I must be a glutton for punishment.

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