Week Ending 2016-05-28 (take three)

[avatar] Let’s see, to remember everything I typed before will be too hard so I’ll just have to BEE creative and think of new funnies….

We’re on Days 074-80.  Whew, coming up fast on the 3 month mark.  I can’t believe how much we’ve gotten done!  Next year it will be smoother as we’ll have worked out the kinks this year, but still, it’s a LOT!  Thank goodness I’ve put in quite a bit of stuff that I won’t have to replant next year…that should cut down on some of the work.  And we’ve learned our lesson with the seedlings/greenhouse fiasco so we won’t lose everything in one random windstorm again.

Our wildflower and raspberries are attracting lots of butterflies and bees!  🙂


Our finished lower patch looks so neat and clean…AND DONE WITH PLANTING!  🙂  The satisfaction of only having to babysit my little pretties and gently weed them is so great.  🙂   Mostly knowing that we’ll have yummies to eat soon.  🙂


I’m married to the world’s greatest man!  🙂  I love him to the moon and back!  🙂  Even though he makes fun of me and says I’m ridiculous, I think he’s into this farming stuff even more than me.  🙂




Kevin figured out how to make my insane “koi pond” plan work! 🙂  He found this picture and it’s exactly what I was thinking in my head.  🙂  This is what I envision…we’ll see if it materializes!  🙂

Img 20160522 200614 01

So….I have a ridiculous idea!  Hee hee hee!


The initial draft of the front “foodscape trail”, before adjusting for the koi pond and Reading Piazza plans.  🙂


We’ll need to do a wood core test on the oak, but this is the prelim plan.  🙂

Img 20160523 102338

Happy little bees!  🙂  We’re both going to have to set up our second brood boxes. Mine is on order from Amazon while Kevin just slid a few frames over from the sectioned off part of his hive.  My hive is a week behind his because mine decided they’d let the queen chill out in her cage until we rescued her. lol. But, even mine has a decent chunk of capped brood!  🙂



Look, Ma…no bee suit!  Bee suits are for n00bs!  lol!

Oh, and I see evidence of a teeny tiny culprit trying to “replant” a wildflower into a spare pot.  Hmmmmmmmm. Me wonders who it could BEE.


I MAY have purchased some lemon and lime trees, a cinnamon tree, a bay leaf laurel, and two ginger plants.  lol  I shall have citrus if it kills me!  (I think it’s the only part of Florida that I miss!)  Oh, and did you even know that cinnamon comes from a TREE?  I had no clue!  And I have no idea what ginger is used for, but I have some!  🙂

Of course, I only know how to cook a few things REALLY well, so it’s not surprising that I don’t know much about these “exotic” spices…like cinnamon and ginger. ROFL!!!!  Don’t worry…I actually know how to use a handful of Italian spices and, of course, allspice.  🙂  To be fair, I know how to make cinnamon sugar.  LOL!!!!

IMG_20160527_142933IMG_20160527_180203Img 20160527 181037

He left me unsupervised with the hose and then said something along the lines of sing-songing “you can’t get me”….I could.  I rest my defense!  🙂

Img 20160527 195507

He kinda sorta stopped in his tracks and gasped!  lol  Wait for it….he was, he was….BAMBOOzled!  Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t breathe!  I’m so PUNNY!

(My defense to him was that it’s in a metal bucket, inside a concrete room with no resources anywhere near it….I just hope it won’t break through the foundation.  LOL!)


More mint!  🙂


New seedling trays started so that we can transplant quickly.  🙂  A few herbs that haven’t popped up yet and starting up the “Foodscape Trail” to have a kickstart against the weeds.  🙂


A client this week INSISTED that I take home some seedlings from her garden.  There are Zenias and “summer poinsettas??” (already on the front porch), some cocks comb, a burning bush, and some other red felt flower.  They were really weak from the trip home from my client’s house so I’m nursing them back to health before transplanting them into separate pots for outside.  (That makes it sound like I know what I’m doing…I definitely don’t, I’m just winging this!)  🙂


A couple (three) more mints….I did NOTHING!  I deny EVERYTHING!  🙂  I may have a problem with the mint addiction!  🙂  Not my fault that it’s the only thing that stops nausea!  🙂


Ok, ok…the weekly tour of the farm:

I actually tour everything and take pictures daily, but they are rather boring.  It’s far cooler to post the “before” and “after” pics each week and see the astonishing growth that happens in just a few days.  🙂

My hilarious flamingos standing guard over the grapes and raspberries (hidden amongst the 150 sq ft of area filled with 1000sq ft of wildflower seed…I’m making a face at the culprit who didn’t read the package instructions!) (AKA Grape Street and Raspberry Way)….in the far distant view Honeysuckle Parkway is against the far fence.


My potatoes again!  Getting bigger!  🙂  (AKA Potato Circle)

The onions and radishes in “Zing Blvd” are growing so fast!  🙂


Salad Drive


Legume Terrace


Sunflower Place


Melon and Squash Pike


Corn Court


Berry Road


Fruit Avenue


Herb Lane (still working on it)


Fairy Garden Thruway (in progress)..Oh, there are the Zenias and summer poinsettas from my client, in the metal bucket there.  🙂  They’re almost ready to repot separately.  🙂


This is the future Foodscape Trail!  🙂  Think very zen gardeny thoughts including a Koi Pond at the food of the steps with a bridge and zen pebbles weaving a path from the bridge to the first rock and weaving over to the second rock and weaving over between the two cherries back to the Reading Piazza (an enormous 60’x60′ area under the canopy of the oak surrounded by holly).  🙂


Orchard Row


Oooh, there’s our special apple tree with four flavors!  🙂  I can’t wait!  🙂


Oh, I forgot!  You can see my pineapple sage that Kevin bought for me.  It smells like….PINEAPPLE!  It’s the coolest thing ever!  (At least until the rest of my trees I ordered arrive and I gush about them!)  🙂


Mint Path!  🙂   ….Just wait until I sneak some onto the other side where it’s not walled in by concrete.  Muah-ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAAAAAA!


Citrus Plaza


And below you can see Bee Turnpike.  Not pictured “Honeysuckle Parkway”.  🙂  Ugh, the greenhouse is not handling the winds well.  I will have to move it and stake it down.  Blarg.  But, that’ll give us more space for a couple more hives.  🙂


Back to Raspberry Way


I do believe that I might have a TEENY, TINY side-effect of farming.  It’s something j’accuse Bug of having constantly….FILTHY FEET!  Followed by exhaustion!  Gotta clean up.  Good night!


Week Ending 2016-05-21 (take FIVE!)

[avatar] Oy!  I’m going to scream if my phone doesn’t stop dropping my posts.  I’m losing all of my hilarious thoughts. Argh!

Simple mathing tells me we’re on Days 067-073.

We’ve been super BEEsy. 🙂

Our nursery has a nifty cool poster to help people know what to plant that helps bees.

We picked up a few more things. I think we’re about done. 🙂  A couple replacement grapes, a huge aloe…since I have two colors (albino and lobsta!), some more soil, and mushroom compost.

We finished planting the lower patch finally.  I had to add a new page to my blog just listing all of the cool stuff we’ve planted!  🙂

Monday was super special. Munchie went to watch MunchKin graduate high school. I watched her walk through the online stream.  I couldn’t ask for a better future daughter-in-law!  🙂

Silly doggies.

Now back to the front “foodscaping area”.  We planted the stuff we bought.

We have most of the seeds for the front. I can’t wait to get everything planted so we can get to maintenance. 🙂

The garage door opener broke. Ugh. We’re living like cavemen without a garage. LOL!

Mangy kids ate all the crackers so I have none to eat while sick with the plague. 🙁

I put out a message in Facebook asking for “votes” on our potential farm names. Some were ridiculous. I’m debating between two. We’ll see what our farm name will be in the coming weeks. 🙂

I had a fantastically crazy idea!  I called Kevin and told him we can trade my car for a cheap, old farm truck. He thinks not. LOL!

Kevin bought a new sprinkler since the bar sprinkler wasn’t working well. He’s such a cutie! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!  🙂

Stay tuned for the next update.