Days 062-066, Week Ending 2016-05-14

Brandi Cox There have BEEn casualties.  It’s been a tragic week.  All of the seedlings are gone in the greenhouses-don’t-do-so-well-in-tornadoes mishap of 2016.  The bees aren’t happy with the situation either!  And now tonight it’s going to be in the low 40s, possibly dipping into the high 30s.  🙁

The potatoes are already sprouting through the top layer of compost in both boxes!  🙂  It’s about time to start a layer of soil to each box once a few more break through.  🙂  It’s so exciting!  🙂

In the past few days, Kevin planted the corn patch.  We’ve finished the “root patch” (the potato boxes, onions, garlic, horseradish, radishes, and carrots).  We’ve planted the “salad patch” outside of the fence next to the roots since we had extra room.  There is also a peach tree in the front with the apricot and nectarine.

Also, I MAY have misBEEhaved.  hee, hee, hee!  I picked up a bunch of Thyme that is also “ground cover” to start filling in empty sections in our “foodscaping” area.  My lavender doesn’t appear to be germinating so I picked up a few of those to plant.  I also grabbed two more blueberry shrubberies.  🙂   And two kiwi plants. I also may have picked up a metric ton of other seeds.  🙂  On the second trip today, Kevin said there was NO way I could get FOUR pear trees AND compost AND thyme AND honeysuckle into his Mazda…..proven wrong again.  🙂

He’ll use the tiller to mix in the compost tomorrow and we’ll be able to plant the peas and melon/squash.  Kevin said we should plant cantaloupe in square containers and sell them, like they do in Japan.  LOL!  We’ll also get the 4 pear trees in the “orchard”.  We got the honeysuckle for the bees. I’ll plant the lavender, blueberries, and kiwis also.

The biggest issue with 3 wards sharing the same church building is that we have a rotating church schedule and this year it’s smack in the middle of nap/farm time.  🙁  Kevin has to sleep all morning and get up in the afternoon to do anything before work. This year is a bit more complicated than most due to the schedule.  🙁

I’m almost ready to start on the front bed between the door and the bedroom corner of the house. It’s a large project.  I still have to map out the measurements for the plants, move those boulders, pull up the landscaping paper, till, and then start planting the plants/seeds.  It is a bit more involved than the garden patches.

The evil, evil chiropractor says he’ll never read my blog because it’ll make him cry that I’m so mean about him.  lol.  He showed me a picture of what he imagines everyone thinks of him from my posts.  He picked Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle and I laughed hysterically.  That’s going to be his avatar on my phone from now on!  I guess that makes the nurse practioners all “Natasha”s.  lol!

Oooooh, side note….my size 14 jeans were literally falling off of me today.  I kept having to hike them up since my belt is now too big, also.  I grabbed that pair since I can only find ONE pair of my size 12 jeans and they are nice enough to wear to work (where in the world did the rest go?????).  I’m frantically searching for my size 12 clothes since I’ve lost about 40lbs recently, down from a size 20/1x.  It’s going fast, so it’s a very good thing that most of my clothes are 8s/10s.  lol!  I’ll be back to normal in no time!  🙂  Plus, I’m getting in my 10,000 steps most days according to my Fitbit so all in all, farming is a super healthy hobby.  🙂

I’m finishing out the long week and long day with my Amazon music album purchase by Janice Kapp Perry on repeat all night.  🙂  I have missed this album from my teens and I was so happy to find it on Amazon music tonight.  🙂

Good night and good luck!