Week Ending 2016-06-04

[avatar] Days 081-087.

I keep telling Kevin that he has to be minding my BEEsness.  He doesn’t want to write my BEEsness in my BEE journal or BEE log. 🙁   He keeps telling me that I have to mind my OWN BEEsness.  🙁  Not fair.  lol

I found Kevin’s pictures on his phone from when he first built his beehive…”pre-bees” photos. 🙂

Img 20160330 181313Img 20160330 185301Img 20160330 185319Img 20160330 185345

A few late evening pictures from early on, found on Kevin’s phone so I sent them to myself right away. lol

Img 20160515 204818Img 20160515 204924Img 20160515 204932

Back to current…the blueberry bush is ripening.  🙂

Img 20160530 202016

Bug decided she is scared of Kermie so I said I’d put him in my room. She decided he needed to snuggle with me and the doggie.  I sent Kevin this picture before I dozed off. lol.  He came home and had to relocate Kermie before he could go to bed. lol

Img 20160601 212447

I have a PINEAPPLE!  🙂  There is also a tiny extra shoot, so I might have TWO pineapples!  🙂  You can’t see me but I’m doing the happy Snoopy dance!  🙂

Img 20160603 211205

Cute flower pots hanging on the gate.  These are the flowers from my client.  I decided they needed a display so I put them in the adorable pots I ordered. 🙂

Img 20160603 222050

My hubby loves me!  🙂  He’s starting to dig out my koi pond. 🙂  Don’t worry, I helped…after laying out my meandering Foodscape Trail heading towards my Reading Piazza and obviously, taking a bunch of pictures.  🙂  This is Happy Koi Pond Day (#1).  🙂

Img 20160604 131513Img 20160604 131525Img 20160604 131535Img 20160604 150506Img 20160604 150519Img 20160604 152728Img 20160604 154451Img 20160604 154454

Day 1 of the beautiful sounds of water.

A rare shot of Munchie doing manual labor!  I told him it was Mandatory Farm Time!  🙂   (It’s a play off my constant “Mandatory Fun Time!” from the Air Force.  teehee!)

Img 20160604 154458Img 20160604 154508Img 20160604 154511

My callas are gorgeous!  🙂  My eggplants are recovering from my delay in repotting.  Yikes.

Img 20160604 180346

The torrential downpour began just before we finished digging.  We hurried and dropped the pond in the hole and ran out for playground sand between storms.  It’s kinda filling up faster than I’d expected since I planned on cleaning it out before filling it, but oh, well.  lol

Img 20160604 184044Img 20160604 184110

A shot of the main patch from above.  It’s neat to see definitive rows of yummies!  🙂  The rest are growing, just not as obviously. lol

Img 20160605 101049

My Citrus Plaza is getting more full!  🙂  Left to right: Strawberries in the weird stacked planters, 2 ginger plants, 3 limes, 3 lemons, 5 bananas (don’t worry, there are more coming!), bay leaf laurel, fig, olive, mulberry, cinnamon, and cranberry.  Whew, that’s a lot…and more are coming!  lol  I have a few things here just temporarily, like my strawberries, but they’ll move once we’re done with the koi pond in the next few days.  🙂

That’s not a UFO above the workshop…I was taking a flash picture from inside the glass door for some unknown reason. lol

Oh, and I relocated the greenhouse down there.  We staked it down, zip tied the shelves to the frame and put seedlings in it.  The seedlings literally burnt to a crisp within a couple of hours.  Whoops!  So….I read up on how to use a greenhouse.  Apparently there are instructions/guidelines/best practices.  *sigh and groan*  Seedlings…take 3.  🙂

Img 20160605 101110

Happy Koi Pond Day (#2)!  🙂   The continuous storms are helping fill it up!  🙂  I can’t wait until it’s full of water, plants, flowers, and FISHIES!!!  🙂

Img 20160605 101201

Kevin wanted a natural start above the top pond, so we built up a rock bed and the hose is hidden between the layers of the rocks above the top pond.  It looks great and sounds even better!  🙂    Well, ok, when I say it looks great, I mean the rocks and stuff.  Not necessarily the blue hose or bright yellow extension cord. LOL!  I’ll be working on hiding those before we’re done. 🙂  I hid the hose up the waterfall pretty well.  🙂

Img 20160605 190147

It’s not as quite level as I thought but it’s a bit too late now. lol  It’s ok.  It’s just as “off kilter” as the rest of us…it gives it some character.  🙂  I need a ton more rocks, though.  🙂

Img 20160605 191309

It’s so amazing. I can’t wait to put a nice seat out here so I can read while listening to the water while I wait patiently for my Reading Piazza.  🙂

More blueberries!  🙂

Img 20160605 193132


Ok, it’s late and I have vanilla ice cream topped with berries calling my name.  🙂  Good night and good luck.

“We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.  Good night and good luck.”