2016-08 through 2016-10 – Catch-up Post for August-October 2016

[avatar] August was still deep in the heat stroke/exhaustion recovery. Apparently, that nonsense wipes you out and really weakens your body. Doc said it was worse than pneumonia and how weak that leaves a person. :'( I only have a handful of pics in August. Bug turned 7 years old! Most of the pics went to Facebook but I’ll post 2 of them here. She picked these two, one with her bouquet of birthday flowers and the other of her cake. 8/30 was 102 degrees. Outdoors is off limits to me, the dogs, and Bug. We’re going insane.

It’s kinda been a while since we had some rain. Why the heck is our utility bill over $1k?!?!? There’s a burn ban for certain counties down south. Yikes.

September was another rough month. Kevin still won’t let me go outside after 10am due to the heat. I gathered okra one morning and began drying it inside so I can harvest seeds for next year. One evening a frog visited our kitchen window. Munchie is driving himself to college, this mommmy couldn’t be more proud! Depression and PTSD combined to make Sept the most miserable month of my life. I tried out a new program that met 3 days a week for 2 months, just to make it through the worst of it. We’re selling everything we can sell to stay afloat while we wait for the government to hurry up on my claim and the lawyers to hurry up on my settlement! Ugh! Thank the Lord for family and friends!

Ok, I think it’d be nice to have a little drizzle or two. Month two of enormous utility bills! Geez Louise we need some rain! The burn ban has come a little closer to home. That’s odd.

October, I’m just barely starting to feel human. The weakness is starting to wear off as long as I keep things in moderation and don’t overdo it. Finding that balance gives way to a few more bad days every time I do it, but I think I’m just finally starting to get the hang of it. I spent a few days working on (finally) setting up our Game Room with all of the video games, every console since the invention of video games, and all of our DVDs. It’s almost completely ready for party playing where Kevin wants to have multi-player MarioKart tournaments. lol.

Tradition dictates that we make it to the Shriner’s circus. That’s always a fun day! I had to triple up on meds just so I could be upright for a couple of hours for the show. I hate taking everything at once, but none of them were working by themselves. My stomach lining will “thank” me later with crushing pain, but at least the kiddos were happy. πŸ™‚

We had some news come in from the VA and I’m hoping to submit documentation soon to see if we can change their minds on how things are really going in the PTSD/Migraine world that is our lives. We’ll see.

We ended up selling my car to a dealership in trade for a truck for Kevin (*cough cough* for my farm *cough cough*) and walked away with a snazzy “new” (used) truck AND a GOOD sized check for the difference. That helped around the house! I’ve always hated that car since the minute I pulled it out of the dealership! Goodbye, my beloved Dalek stick figure family…the only part of the car I’ll miss!

We visited Sams Club to see what they had these days and I saw a nifty cool dish rack for the 2nd kitchen that’s going onto my Christmas wishlist! Bug has the dreaded “blue tongue” disease after delicious slushies. πŸ™‚

So, rain. It’s kinda important. The 2nd round of crops has withered. The pond needs regular refills. It’s the last month that the utility company lets us have almost free water for the “Summer Watering Credit”, so our bill should go up even further. I’m pretty concerned about what next month will bring. We’re doing regular rain dances around these here parts! We’re also having to start packing up the farm because everything is done. Just given up the ghost without water. Statewide burn ban. Wow!