2017-04 – Bee swarms and kidney stones!


So, we had our first bee swarm. And then our second and third and then our fourth! YIKES!

We frantically scrambled to pick up a new brood box. I ran to Rural King while Kevin ran to Lowe’s to pick up tyvek paint suits (our discount bee suits). Everything went great! Kevin got one little miss stuck in his beard and she got him while I was trying to gently comb her out. But, that was the only sting!
IMG 20170402 160515IMG 20170402 160523

We decided to make cheese. And by “we” I mean “I” decided randomly, spontaneously one day that I wanted to make cheese. “Let’s make CHEESE!” K: “aye, aye, aye, this is going to be interesting.”

He hates when I take his picture! We had some interesting results. Apparently our whey was too acidic so we only got 2 tiny balls of mozzarella. Next time we’ll know what to do!

Our usual farm walkabout. Our new hive is visible. We’ve woodchipped the grapes and partially woodchipped the raspberries and kiwis. We had to move the kiwis in here because there was NO room for them in front any longer! Our mint is rebounding like crazy. Our tropical container garden is all coming back! Almost everything seems to have survived the drought. Only 5 trees (out of 23) are dead and need replacing.

Random bee swarm while we went out to the grocery store. It was gone before we could get another beekeeper to capture it. We don’t have room for more hives! πŸ™

IMG 20170414 170134

Munchie says my boots are un-aMOOsing. Awwwwwwwww! Jen called them my UDDERly aMOOsing COW-loshes! πŸ™‚

IMG 20170416 210557IMG 20170416 210626

6am. An unacceptable time to be conscious. It will take a while to get used to my better half’s new day shift schedule. Watching the clock until he leaves so I can sneak back to bed. Lol!

I must have subconsciously been jealous of Kevin and his 2 carat “gem” he found on Thanksgiving day. I’ve now found my own and shall begin “excavating” my own precious stone. (Translation: Kidney stones suck. Evidence (below) of the stone’s damage scared the heck out of me just now. But they finally gave me something for the pain….nearly five hours later.) Blarg.

Days and days of pain meds later….

Watching JAG on Amazon Prime, only ever having seen bits and pieces of episodes over the years. 1st episode: a plane gets shot at by SAMs when flying over Sarajevo. Yay, ugh, bad memories. 2nd episode: Negan is weps. ACK! Stupid WD for ruining him for me. 3rd episode: 2 mins in. wow. Who knew JAG would be so triggering. lol! If I wasn’t so dizzy I’d go find something else to do. lol

2 hours sleep, then Kevin wakes up for work.
2 more hours sleep, then Bug makes that sound that wakes every mother from a dead sleep…gagging.
Nearly 1 hour of vomiting later and we’re headed to her new pediatrician (we just met him/them, too…..did they get her sick??? Lol!). Kinda nice having peds a couple of blocks from the house. Much better than the numerous urgent care offices. Turns out it’s Strep! UGH!

Woulda been nicer to get more than 4 hours sleep, though. Lol! I got distracted last night and suddenly it was 0230. Blarg. I guess that happens after you’ve spent nearly a week in bed with a kidney stone and then suddenly come off the pain meds. Useless for pain but forced me to sleep for days on end.

And so ends the pretty nasty month of April with it’s migraines, kidney stones, and strep! Hopefully, in May we can get back on track!