2017-07 – Vacation!

[avatar] So, we had a major bee swarm. It’s been sitting here for a few days already in our grapes. We’ve called someone to come and get them for free. I’m hoping they stick around long enough!
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Dropping the puppies off at their temporary home for the week. πŸ™‚
IMG 20170707 121820


Uh……Bug has donned Kevin with a fancy headdress. I’m not sure which “tribe” this one is from. LOL!!! And she LOVES her cool “bubble catching gloves”! Dallas took some great photos during the trip. This was an awesome pic of Bug!
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Kevin and I had a really awesome day visiting Biltmore. I wish it weren’t so hot! I need to go back in the fall/winter when it’s a reasonable temperature and I don’t get heat stroke in the “castle”.
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Some items from my favorite store in Cherokee! BearMeats Indian Den Their Facebook page also links to their website. Feel free to “Like” and “Follow” them!
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Elk butt! I love getting up before everyone else at the cabin. It’s so quiet and peaceful. And the elk come right up to the cabin!
IMG 20170714 062916IMG 20170714 062954

Doing a quick farm walkthrough to see what’s happened in the past few days. πŸ™‚

We have some pesky poke growing everywhere!

Farmers Market day!
IMG 20170722 101924