2017-08 – Hospital stays are no fun! But, total eclipses ARE!

[avatar] OOH! I got a nifty cool new treadmill on Craigslist. $60. It’s pink, so Bug LOVES it. Brand new, the owner had only assembled it and never used it. πŸ™‚ Pretty great deal! Now I can be getting my steps in while binge watching Netflix on my good days! πŸ™‚

Farmers Market day! We’ve made some changes to our booth. I hope the changes help boost our sales!
IMG 20170805 111239

First day of school. Homeschooling is awesome! Although, this is certainly not the “fancy clothes, posed photo” that most people post for the first day of School! lol! Bug already finished Math for the day and is now learning about Michelangelo. He has FOUR names, just like she does! Her first art project is to create her own “Sistene Chapel” type canvas. πŸ™‚
IMG 20170807 104945

Me: We’re running out to fetch a couple of steaks from the grocery store. We’re having steaks, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts for dinner.
MY amazing kids: YAY!!!!! That’s an awesome dinner!
I love that my kids love vegetables that other kids hate. πŸ™‚

So, uh, I went to the VA for my regularly scheduled appointment. When I got there I was feeling so awful that I said something. They immediately rushed me to triage, where they commenced to stick me on an ambulance to the nearest hospital. It turns out that bleeding ulcers are NO fun! I was in the hospital for 3 days. πŸ™ Apparently, the sheer quantity of the migraine meds are making it so that I’m just getting worse and it’s gotten to the point of bleeding ulcers….again. :'( BUT, we found out that Valium makes me WAY less stressed about doing under anesthesia! lol!!!!

Market day!
IMG 20170812 112019

Snuggling with Reagan, our black lab. The vet feels like he’s on borrowed time at this point. I’m hoping she’s wrong about his diagnosis. I can’t really justify the hundreds of dollars it would take for scans and biopsies, so instead we’ll shower him with love! We already did, but now we’re just a little more lovey. lol
IMG 20170812 164837

Ok, so, the pediatric dentist is kinda cool. Very bright and colorful. They gave her sunglasses to keep the light out of her eyes. They gave her headphones….which are hooked to the TV that is hanging from the ceiling above her. She sat there watching half of Disney’s Tangled before we were out of there! LOL!
IMG 20170814 112036

Market Day! I’m loving these!
IMG 20170819 095126

Kevin insists I post what just happened.
Backstory: I hate my meds because they make me feel awful, I haven’t taken them in a couple days. I feel AWFUL-ER. (my new made up word of the day!)
Me: So, um, I have a confession.
K: Are you misbehaving? What are you doing over there on the computer?
Me: Nothing. But……I *mumbling* kinda, sorta feel a lot better since I took my meds a couple hours ago.
K: What?! No! Who’da thunk it? That the doctor that prescribed the medicine for the diagnosed problem you have, the one that’s causing ALL of the problems, MIGHT have known what he was talking about?!?!?!? Who’da thunk it???
So, apparently, I’m now cleared for eclipse events by my beloved chaperone.

The eclipse was AWESOME! Kevin had taken the day off, so we packed the truck FULL of fun stuff, went out there and set up the chairs, table, etc. Had a great picnic lunch, some great music (Bug and I are LOVING the BYU Noteworthy album!), played yard games, and had a blast! We patiently waited for the “good part” and the kids and Kevin kept putting on the glasses and checking to see how close we were. For totality, we all sat in our chairs and just watched. No photos because there just wasn’t enough time. Totality was only like 2.25 minutes. It was the coolest thing ever! It was so dark outside, the bugs and animals all went into “night mode”. Even the mosquitoes came out to participate (yuck!). It’s amazing how even the slightest sliver or speck of actual unblocked sunlight provides “daylight” instantly. The instant totality was over, it was almost nearly full light outside even though nearly the entirety of the sun was still blocked. But, at that point we packed up and headed home. It was a pretty great day!

Bug’s 8th birthday. She had a great baptism and birthday bash. πŸ™‚ She picked out everything and I just did the logistics. πŸ™‚
IMG 20170826 163550IMG 20170826 163732IMG 20170826 164349

Wow! We might have some green beans. This is our third harvest, but the first two were not nearly so big. Bug was an amazing helper and climbed in there between the rows to get the beans growing against the fence. She didn’t even mind the huge spider. She’s fearless!
IMG 20170830 162615IMG 20170830 162749IMG 20170830 162753IMG 20170830 162806

And then Bug got to “Bridge” from Daisies into Brownies!
IMG 20170830 182714

All in all, a great month barring the whole ulcer thing. lol!