2018-04 – Late spring snow is UN-acceptable! lol!

[avatar] 4/1-Easter dinner with the family. πŸ™‚

Our usual walkabout.

4/3-Wow! It’s been a crazy couple days. We found out some lady was drinking and driving and crashed in our front yard at 2am, taking out our beautiful Dogwood tree, slid into the neighboring property and literally caught fire after taking out 2 of their fences and severely damaging one of their trees yesterday. A neighbor witnessed it and gave us many of the details. This afternoon, a crew came and trespassed on our land and cleaned up all of the evidence before the police investigation even had a chance to get started. The DA will be livid, I’m sure. We only got a few photos last night before it got too dark. Then tonight………our refrigerator died. What the hay?!?!?! Insane. Luckily, we have a home warranty that covers our appliances, so I’m just hoping they can get someone out here to fix it quickly in the next day or so. Plus, that we caught it before too much spoiled. Some spoiled but we were able to the rest. Blarg! Crazy 24 hours! Just nuts.

4/10-My better half has an interview today to move back to the store close to our house. Let’s all cross our fingers!

4/12-He got the job close to our house! WOOT! Our “new” Honda is acting up and I’m estimating the cost of repairs. Yikes! To the dealership we go! Traded the Honda back to them for more than what we paid for it! lol! Drove away with a “new” Suburban. This will make long trips with the kids and dogs MUCH more bearable! I love it already! Another delivery of woodchips. YAY!
IMG 20180412 182708

4/16-It’s……… Snowing. In the latter half of April. Unacceptable.

4/17-Bug is finally officially tubeless. Only one had worked it’s way out. The other was stuck in the canal for ages. Maybe now we can get working on her auditory processing disorder. Doc pulled it out today when we went for a quick flu test after she got physically ill while we were all working on woodchips. Gotta love the sicklies coming to church contagious. Blarg. And Wednesday she lost another tooth. Lol. She’s already trying to buy more girl scout cookies. She’s growing up way too fast! I don’t like it!

4/18-Talked over one of my business ideas with a good friend. She LOVED it and asked why I hadn’t done it WAY sooner. I suppose I should have been more confident. Now to get down to business and get my BPOMS marketable. πŸ™‚

4/21-Took my big kiddo to the gun range with the YSA ward. FUN FUN! It was a BLAST! (no pun intended……ok, fine, pun accepted! lol)

4/23-The home warranty company sent out a 2nd repairman because they didn’t like that the first one said our fridge was unrepairable. The 2nd one agreed with the diagnosis and gave a full explanation of the costs to repair. The warranty company said they’d go that route……..but our portion would be over $390. Um, NO!

4/24-So, after much escalation, the home warranty company saw the error of their ways and waived the additional fee for THEM sending ME a 2nd repairman. They also agreed fully that they would just buy out the fridge and send us a check. MUCH better, Choice.

4/28-Bug went to Ijams with the scouts and had a blast. Kevin is finally back to his old store, close to the house. And my son is going to learn WordPress to start helping with the BPOMS that I’m developing. πŸ™‚