Hi!  My name is Brandi!  I kill plants.  Guess what my bright idea is!   I’m going to start a FARM!  Yep, me, “she who kills plants”…farming.  Join us in our new adventure.  It’s going to be hilarious!

Me:  Brandi (AKA: Lady Black Thumb)
Husband: Kevin (called many sorts of various things throughout my posts)
Son: Munchie (my beloved almost-adult teen…who drives me bonkers most of the time)
Daughter: MunchBug (AKA: “Bug” for short.  Our tiny little one who is growing up WAY too fast for my liking!)
Future-Daughter-In-Law:  After a lengthy discussion of a critically important nature, we’ve decided we’ll call her MunchKin.  She may randomly pop up here and there in posts.  🙂
2 dogs:  Reagan – Munchie’s beloved black lab and Sookie – our rescued greyhound…so far.  🙂
We have lots of friends, extended family, and neighbors that pepper our lives and give us the “spice of life.”

We have a beautiful brick house with a full basement, an attached shed/garage, and a detached “workshop”/garage.  We have just under an acre…so far.  🙂

We decided we want to be completely self-reliant.  So, we’re not exactly “preppers” but more “self-reliance-ers”.  LOL!  (I just made that word up, it’s mine, you can’t have it!) So, I sell amazingly delicious grocery replacement food called ThriveLife.  It’s got a extremely lengthy shelf-life so it’s also long term food storage or “survival food,” but this stuff actually tastes good and worth eating!  My link, for anyone interested, is:  http://brandicox.thrivelife.com/

But, now that my Thrive business is starting to pick up, I want to supplement our food storage with fresh produce.  Not only to help with grocery costs but we can also give it away or sell the remainder that we don’t need.

Don’t worry, you’ll get to watch as I learn “canning,” too!  It’s sure to be a hit!

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