Week Ending 2016-05-21 (take FIVE!)

Brandi Cox Oy!  I’m going to scream if my phone doesn’t stop dropping my posts.  I’m losing all of my hilarious thoughts. Argh!

Simple mathing tells me we’re on Days 067-073.

We’ve been super BEEsy. 🙂

Our nursery has a nifty cool poster to help people know what to plant that helps bees.

We picked up a few more things. I think we’re about done. 🙂  A couple replacement grapes, a huge aloe…since I have two colors (albino and lobsta!), some more soil, and mushroom compost.

We finished planting the lower patch finally.  I had to add a new page to my blog just listing all of the cool stuff we’ve planted!  🙂

Monday was super special. Munchie went to watch MunchKin graduate high school. I watched her walk through the online stream.  I couldn’t ask for a better future daughter-in-law!  🙂

Silly doggies.

Now back to the front “foodscaping area”.  We planted the stuff we bought.

We have most of the seeds for the front. I can’t wait to get everything planted so we can get to maintenance. 🙂

The garage door opener broke. Ugh. We’re living like cavemen without a garage. LOL!

Mangy kids ate all the crackers so I have none to eat while sick with the plague. 🙁

I put out a message in Facebook asking for “votes” on our potential farm names. Some were ridiculous. I’m debating between two. We’ll see what our farm name will be in the coming weeks. 🙂

I had a fantastically crazy idea!  I called Kevin and told him we can trade my car for a cheap, old farm truck. He thinks not. LOL!

Kevin bought a new sprinkler since the bar sprinkler wasn’t working well. He’s such a cutie! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!  🙂

Stay tuned for the next update.