Weeks Ending 2016-06-18 & 2016-06-25

[avatar] So, my post for last week disappeared. I’m guessing my phone lost the draft again. Ugh.

Ok, what have we done….?  Lots of busy stuff. We got the gazebo in. Hopefully we can get the oak looked at in the next couple of weeks before we start using it. 🙂  Kevin even putting in a ceiling fan inside the gazebo!  We’re planning on hooking it to a solar battery. We’ve got solar lamps, too. 🙂

Kevin installed big fans in the workshop so he can be more comfortable when he’s working on man-stuff. 🙂  It’s quite comfortable in there now!

IMG 20160617 191804

Munchie is looking at property with a house! That would be pretty awesome if he was able to buy it!  9 acres, on a ridge, in town (but not city limits), so he can do whatever he wants with it. We’ll see how it plays out.  He’ll likely have to wait a year for work history, but after that he will have more than enough saved for a decent sized down payment. 🙂  It’s been listed for about a year and it’s zoned commercial so no one is likely to get a mortgage.  He could ….start a FARM!  😀 😀 😀 😀


We have an infestation of veggie-cidal / herb-icidal caterpillars. :'(  I got one, but there are now more. 🙁  My poor mint-ies!  It’s so sad!

Img 20160621 015001
Img 20160621 015035
Img 20160626 170846

The pond now has FISHIES!!!!!!!!!  🙂  Kevin won’t let me get my dragon koi yet, so we just have comets. But they are swimming around. 🙂

Img 20160617 081207
Img 20160619 213709
Img 20160619 214305
Img 20160619 213826
Img 20160626 170944
Img 20160619 185729
Img 20160626 171007

I told Kevin I ain’t doing nothing but killing thyme!  LOL LOL LOL!  I’m an expert at killing thyme. 🙂

Um, let’s see. We have radishes, zucchini, and pickling cucumbers!  I don’t think radishes are supposed to get this big!  lol

Img 20160629 210207
Img 20160618 183711

Also starting to see pumpkins, cantaloupe, cucumbers, onions, jalapenos, and so much. I guess I should go take pictures, but it’s late at night on our anniversary so I’m a’gonna pass. LOL!  Wait for it……

Happy Anniversary to us, Happy anniversary to us, Happy anniversary dear Kevin and Brandi…..Happy anniversary toooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssss!!!!  *bow*

Img 20160624 184846

Oh, and a dear friend is an artist (legit, with a gallery!) and she’s drafting up logo ideas for us. 🙂  I can’t wait to see the final drafts!

Picture7Picture9Picture10Picture11Picture12Picture14Received 565834260262812Received 567387870107451Received 567387913440780Received 567387963440775Received 567440580102180Received 567440620102176Received 568289030017335Received 10207586647158349

Let me not forget my hilarious MSPaint mockup of Kevin’s logo:


Here are some recent pics. 🙂

Img 20160617 081304
Img 20160617 081312
Img 20160617 081322
Img 20160617 081350
Img 20160617 081416
Img 20160617 081432
Img 20160617 081655
Img 20160620 200911
Img 20160620 200916
Img 20160621 014320
Img 20160626 170155
Img 20160626 170203

Ok, we need to work the farm this weekend and then I’ll have more pics to post.  🙂